Yuri sings SNSD's CF from 11 years ago!

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A commercial film from 11 years ago?  That's gonna be from Goobne Chicken!

So what made Yuri sing and reminisce the old CF of SNSD? It was because their former stylist/friend sent her some goobne products and other goodies which she can use for her cooking.

Just see how happy Yuri is from this generous act~

Yuri: "SNSD GoobneWho remembers?! Kekeke"

Other captions in the video:
• "All healthy drinks 💪🏻I will eat well and become healthier
Why is this woman so generous, kekeke"

• "Starting today, real summer preparation, hahaha 
 Going to eat deliciously And get ready to become pretty, go!"

• "If I eat this, will I be able to lose my 10 kg in one month like Kwon Hyuksoo? 
What should I, what should I eat?"

Along with the clip above was the compilation of SNSD's previous Goobne CFs.

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