Is SNSD preparing for a comeback?

SNSD 2020 Comeback

Girls' Generation's 13th Anniversary is just around the corner!

That would be on August 5, 2020 to be exact and with that, fans can't help but be excited on what we can expect on that special day.

A glimmer of hope on this would be from their latest social networking site updates.   After seeing the identical tiles/backgrounds in their latest posts on social media, fans have figured all of them were together yesterday.  The question now is what were they doing?

Is it for Oh!GG's comeback? A magazine pictorial? or were they just recording for a video greeting for their upcoming anniversary.  All we can do is hope and pray for their much awaited comeback.

Meanwhile, you can see the aforementioned pictures below~

snsd taeyeon hyoyeon dessert

snsd yuri

YoonA's Selfie with the same background.

snsd yoona selfie

Here's Sunny biting the 'Dessert' Dance Challenge [Full Post]

Followed by Sooyoung who also tried the 'Dessert' dance challenge [Full Post]

What do you think, is SNSD preparing for a comeback or not?