SNSD YoonA and Lee Hyori apologized after going to a Noraebang

SNSD Yoona Lee Hyori Noraebang

What is a Noraebang? It's the Korean term for the Karaoke Room or a private room where people go to sing.

Going back to the topic, SNSD's YoonA and Lee Hyori was out to have fun at the Noraebang last July 1.  Lee Hyori was feeling good that's why she went on her Instagram and started a live broadcast.

They were all ready to have fun until Hyori started to read some comments and when those kind of comments didn't stop, they had no choice but to stop the broadcast.  A day later, SNSD YoonA and Lee Hyori issued their apologies regarding this incident.

Below is the clip from their IG live as well as their statements.

As captioned in the video, here's the handwritten apology letter of YoonA.

Translation: "Hello. It's Im Yoona.First, I'm sincerely regretful for making you worry with my careless behaviour. I'm sorry.My thoughts and judgement were lacking during a hard time when everyone and must be careful. I will work hard exceptionally to behave cautiously going forward."

What do you think about this incident?

YoonA and Lee Hyori's Instagram