Watch SNSD Sunny's cuts from 'Where is My Home'

SNSD Sunny Where Is My Home Episode
After all the teaser clip and pictures, SNSD Sunny's episode on 'Where is my Home?' is finally here!

It's a show where the guests help clients find a new home.  Was Sunny successful in fulfilling her role as real estate coordinator?  Let's check out her cuts below~

On the show Sunny revealed, "Because I lived in a dorm for 10 years, I had dreams about a house. When I first moved out to live by myself, I did a lot of legwork. I looked at over 20 houses. I did all the interior decorating myself after I moved".

She also added, "I was the youngest of 3 girls, and I also lived in a dorm with all girls. More than anything, it's important to have your own space and have your own bathroom."