SNSD Taeyeon shared her thoughts during this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the world and sadly, our idols are no exception.

You would think that staying at home can be depressing only for those who are used to a busy and outgoing lifestyle but no, even our resident homebody who is no other Kim Taeyeon still felt sad because she can't go out to perform and meet her fans.

During her recent Instagram live, Taeyeon shared, "I turned on this live for those who are doing their best to stay at home and social distance. Honestly, I think everyone feels the same. Everyone is probably feeling bored, helpless, and missing people. Even without the coronavirus, it's a lonely world."

Taeyeon continued, "I'm sad that there are fewer and fewer opportunities to meet you. You can say, 'Isn't it good for a homebody to stay at home?' More than being a homebody, I want to sing and perform. These kinds of opportunities are disappearing. Whenever it seems like the coronavirus will disappear, it just gets worse, and that makes me lose my energy."

She then added "Not only me, but those who have jobs will feel a little sense of loss, futility, and emptiness. I feel like I lost my job because I can't perform. I can't do concerts. I almost cried."

You can watch Taeyeon's IG live below.

Cheer up Taeyeon-nim!  We are are always here for you.  This pandemic will soon pass, till then we hope everyone stays safe and sound.

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