SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 4 (Recap)


Private Lives: In a world where data is no longer private, con artists uncover a sinister surveillance scheme headed by the government and a greedy corporation. -Netflix

Episode 4

"After her love life goes up in smoke, Joo Eun retraces Jeong Hwan's final steps and becomes acquainted with people and places from his real life." -Netflix

In this episode, Cha Joo Eun continues to find answers about Jeong Hwan's disappearance.  As she tries to learn more about him, she meets his co-worker, client, and other acquaintances.

Will they be able to help Joo Eun or will they just add to her problems?

Also in this episode, Cha Joo Eun cross paths with the woman who conned her Father and the reason why she was jailed at the Cheongpa Women's Correctional Institution.  What will happen in their encounter?  Will they be able to resolve their issues and become allies?

'Private Lives' airs every Wednesday and Thursday, and here's the preview for their 5th episode.

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