SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 5 (Recap)


The story of Cha Joo Eun and the other characters of 'Private Lives' continues to unveil!

 Episode 5

"Snippets of Jeong Hwan's double life are revealed during his final mission involving Bokgi, Jaewook and a much-sough-after ledger." -Netflix
SNSD Seohyun 'Private Lives' Episode 5

In this episode more will be revealed about Jeong Hwan's life.  We will get to see the events that transpired before the car accident.  The real person who was burnt inside his car will also be unveiled.

 SNSD Seohyun 'Private Lives' Episode 5

Looking back, was his feelings for Joo Eun genuine or was it fake right from the start?

SNSD Seohyun 'Private Lives' Episode 5

Also in this episode, we will also get to know more about the relationship between Jeong Bokgi and Kim Jaewook.  How did they meet and what happened after that?

All that and more are in store in this episode.  After you watch Private Lives' 5th episode, you can now watch the preview for Episode 6 below.

Will Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan finally...

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