SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 7 (Recap)

'Private Lives' Episode 7

"Jaewook approaches Kim Sangman with a plan to channel their influence into power, stemming from a bloodstained encounter dating back 20 years." -Netflix

In this episode, we continue to connect the dots as more details about Jaewook and Sangman's relation gets revealed.  Will Lee Junghwan finally find out the relation between the two or will he get caught before that?

Cha Joo Eun also does her own research and in the process she finds out more about Jeong Bok Gi's past.  What was it? Will this help in their budding partnership?  Will she be there when Cha Joo Eun needs her?

You'll get all the answers in this episode and after that you can go back to watch the teaser for their 8th episode below.

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