SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 8 (Recap)

'Private Lives' Episode 8

"Through their networks and expertise, Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan uncover explosive details about each other's true identities." -Netflix


After recovering from the explosion Cha Joo Eun continues her pursuit to find the truth behind Lee Jeong Hwan's "death".  Yes, she still doesn't know that he's alive but will she finally find out?  Will they finally meet again?

Also in this episode, Lee Jeong Hwan tries to infiltrate UI to confirm something, will he be successful or will he be caught in the act?

After getting more info, what will be Joo Eun's next step?

Dive in and find out. Later on, you can go back here to watch the preview for their 9th episode.

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