SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 2 (Recap)


 The long wait is over as Seohyun's 'Private Lives' has finally aired!

If you still haven't watched it, you can read our short recap for the first episode here.

Before we start with our episode 2 recap, here's the brief plot of 'Private Lives':

 "In a world where data is no longer private, con artists uncover a sinister surveillance scheme headed by the government and a greedy corporation." -Netflix

Netflix categorized this as a Crime TV Drama, it is a suspenseful show rated for 13+ audience.  The drama will have 16 episodes in total.
'Private Lives' Episode 2
Our question from episode 1 gets answered in this episode.  That is, why was Cha Joo Eun jailed at the Cheongpa Women's Correctional Institution?
After she gets out from the correctional institution, will she start to live righteously or will she continuously seek for revenge?  But wait, of course she went shopping first!

Cha Joo Eun tried to start working as a beautician but later on decided to do another con job or what they call a "documentary".  What is it all about?  She is yet to find out.

Also in this episode, Cha Joo Eun will finally meet Lee Jung Hwan, the character played by Go Kyung Pyo.  Will their first meeting be memorable or will it be sweeter the second time around?


 Will the two end up getting married or will it just be another "documentary"?


After watching 'Private Lives' Episode 2.  You can come back here to watch the preview for their third episode.

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