SNSD Taeyeon is loving BLACKPINK's 'Bet You Wanna' feat. Cardi B

TaengPink in your area!  That's Taengoo plus Blackpink for you!

Blackpink has just released their first full album and among them, it looks like one track caught SNSD Taeyeon's attention.

It's BLACKPINK's song titled 'Bet You Wanna' which is a collaboration with the American rapper Cardi B.  While listening to it, Taeyeon shared a snapshot as can be seen below~

Taeyeon doesn't randomly share songs or tracks like this so if she shared this one, it means she really liked it.

If ever Taeyeon and Blackpink will have a collaboration in the future.  What would you prefer, a pop song or a ballad?

You can also listen to BLACKPINK's 'Bet You Wanna' feat. Cardi B below if haven't yet.