SNSD Taeyeon greets Japanese fans on SONE JAPAN

SNSD Taeyeon SONE Japan

SNSD Taeyeon's 'GirlsSpkOut' MV is up and soon, her 2nd Japanese mini-album will be released on November 18.

Through their official Japanese fan club named 'SONE JAPAN', here she is greeting everyone with...

"It’s been a long time, SONE JAPAN!

At last, my second mini album will be released in Japan!
Thank you so much for waiting for so long.
The album has five songs, but each one has its own message and they’re all wonderful songs, so please enjoy listening to them♡

This picture is from the album jacket photoshoot ^^
Which jacket version do you all like~?
The MV was also revealed today, so I’d be happy if you watched it a lot!

I want to see you all and perform soon~!
First, please look forward to my album♪
See you later~ ^^"

SNSD Taeyeon SONE Japan

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