SNSD Sooyoung is out to film for 'Run On'


CEO Seo is back!

She's no other than SNSD's Sooyoung and we will soon meet her through the drama titled 'Run On'.  We will meet her this December but before that, here's Sooyoung updating us with her outfit for today's filming.

She also captioned the following pictures with "I won’t hurt you #SeoDanah #DirectorNim #RunOn" which makes us even more excited to meet CEO Seo~

Along with Sooyoung, 'Run On' also stars Shin Se Kyung, Im Si Wan, and Kang Tae Oh.  Their first episode will be aired on December 16.

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  1. One imagines that by wearing such a classy outfit she must have on a decent pair of heels 👠 but then you see trainers uggh👟