Where to watch Krystal's new drama titled 'SEARCH'?

 Krystal 'SEARCH' English Subbed Episodes

Krystal's drama titled 'SEARCH' has already aired its first two episode last weekend!

It will only have 10 episodes so if you still haven't seen it yet, this post will lead you to the sites where you can watch it.

There are two options, it is now available on Viki.com for US fans as well as on iQIYI.com for others outside the US.  These sites are legal streaming sites, haven't tried on Viki but for iQIYI, the drama is free to watch in 720p.  If you want to watch in 1080p and without Ads, you need to be a VIP member.

Enjoy watching Krystal's new drama~

  You can find more about Krystal's 'SEARCH' here

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