Happy '11:11' with Kim Taeyeon!

 '11:11' with Kim Taeyeon

What day is it? Today is November 11 or simply 11/11.

In China they celebrate today as Singles Day because of the four "1"s symbolizing four singles.  The said holiday then later truned into one of the biggest shopping Holidays in the said country.

It's a different story in Korea, though, as they celebrate 11:11 like Valentine's Day.  They display their affection by giving gifts, most specially the chocolate-dipped sticks called Pepero, hence they call this day as 'Pepero Day'.

But what is 11:11 for us Sones?  You may have already guessed it but yes, it is Taeyeon's song titled '11:11' which was released in 2016.

This song welcomes the protagonist back into world of Singles as she reminisces all the good times that they had after their break up.

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