Krystal talks about her movie 'More than Family'


 Krystal's movie titled 'More than Family' will hit the theaters of November 12!

The cast had their press conference this week and on it, Krystal shared her thoughts about the movie and her character.

During the event, She shared, "At first, I was hesitant to play this role. But after reading the script I said I will take the role, Toh-il is confident and she believes in herself. I think she is representative of women today. She is relatable and also attractive." She also added, "We shot the film in summer, so it was not easy for me to wear a fake pregnant belly, but besides that, I had so much fun".


 Their Director, Choi Hana, also mentioned, "I thought that she would do a great job (playing Toh-il) after I saw her playing her role in the MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3!’ But I did have some doubts as I also had a strong impression of her onstage as a K-pop girl band member, Krystal, but after our first meeting with her, I was sure that she should play Toh-il."

To this, Krystal, replied, "I am both Krystal and Jung Soo-jung. I like both jobs, this time I tried hard to show a great performance as an actress"

In this movie, Krystal will be playing the role of Toh-il, a girl who develops a relationship with the guy she is tutoring.  She becomes pregnant and while preparing for their wedding, she decides to look for her Father whom she has never met since birth.

On a separate interview Krystal also shared, "When I first met the director, I was on a diet. But then she said I shouldn't be on a strict diet so I loosened myself up for the role. I tried to gain weight so I ate 3 or 4 meals a day instead of the regular 2. I also had desserts after every meal."

If you still haven't, you can watch the trailer of Krystal's 'More than Family' here.

Akp,Korean Herald

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