SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 13 (Recap)

SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 13 (Recap)

 Private Lives Episode 13

"Much to Jaewook's surprise, Bok-gi introduces herself as the newest member of the campaign team.  Joo Eun grows suspicious of Jeonghwan's past." -Netflix

As revealed in this episode's introduction, Jaewook and Bokgi aka Sophia Chung finally meet again.  What is the reason behind Bokgi joining Yoo Byung Jun's side?

Not knowing her intentions, Cha Joo Eun tries to follow Bok Gi at the Gentleman's Club.  She got in but will she be able to get out or will she be caught?

Also, there are still a lot of secrets that Jeong Hwan is hiding from Joo Eun.  What will she do if she learns about it?  All that and more, are in store for you in this exciting episode of 'Private Lives'.

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