SNSD Seohyun's 'Private Lives' Episode 10 (Recap)


 Private Lives' Episode 10

"Joo Eun gains an unlikely ally.  Tapping into remnants from past relationships, Bok Gi finds answers about Jae Wook's true motives." -Netflix

Episode nine left us hanging, its last scene was Cha Joo Eun being surrounded by the bad guys from GK.  In this episode, we'll finally find out what will happen to her, can she escape? Will someone be there to save her?


As Netflix's episode described earlier, Joo Eun will be getting an unexpected ally.  Do you have a good guess on who could that be?

Also later in this episode, it will be Lee Jung Hwan who will be needing a helping hand.  Will there be one or two?


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