SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 1 (Recap)

  SNSD Yoona 'HUSH' Episode 1 (Recap)

SNSD Yoona's latest drama is finally here!

Have you heard of the saying "Bap (rice) is mightier than the Pen", maybe not but you'll hear it first from Lee Ji Soo.

SNSD Yoona 'HUSH' Episode 1 (Recap)

First Impressions

HUSH's first episode will set off with Lee Ji Soo applying for an internship at Daily Korea.  This is where you will hear her motto and learn more about the story behind it.

You'll see right off the bat that Ji Soo is highly motivated.  She knows what she wants and she knows what she has to do to get it.



Her motto "BAP is mightier than the PEN" as well as her honesty and burning passion really made an impression that's why Jisoo got accepted as Daily Korea's intern along with three more applicants.

This is where the story begins and it will give us a sneak peek at the daily struggles in the lives of the reporters.


If you have watched a lot of K-drama's you will see a lot of familiar faces in 'HUSH'.  One example would be actor Kim Won Hae. If you watched 'Start Up', you will know him as Nam Do San's Father.  You'll get to meet more as the drama unveils its characters.

Going back to our main topic, Jisoo and the other interns will finally get to meet their mentor - Han Jun Hyuk who is also known as the 'Clickbait Master'.  He seems to be a Happy-go-Lucky type of guy but we will know more about his story as the drama progresses.



As mentioned earlier, 'HUSH' will feature the daily lives of reporters and it's interesting how will they portray how some reporters write their articles in Korea, what happens behind the scenes, and more. 

One example is where Han Jun Hyuk started to train Jisoo and the other interns.  Being known as a click baiter, His guideline was "Issues are found not made".  They started their training by thinking of how to make catchy post titles or "clickbaits".

To wrap up our recap for HUSH's first episode, our question would be about Jisoo and Jun Hyuk. What connection do they have?  Did Jisoo intentionally join Daily Korea to meet him?

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