SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 3 (Recap)

 'HUSH' Episode 3 


Farewell Soup

After the unfortunate incident that happened to their colleague, we will find out what's next for Jisoo and her fellow interns.  Will the real reason about her death be buried away?  Did Jisoo saw someone/something that night?

As for Jisoo, she has passed her internship along with the other two applicants.  They have been assigned in Digital News.  


As the company tries to suppress the news about Oh Soo Yeon's death, their editor will forbid the three on going to her funeral.  Will Jisoo just obey or will she risk being fired? 


Old Self

What will be Han Jun Hyuk's stand about the current situation?  Will Jisoo finally see his soft side?  Will Jun Hyuk be back to his old self, the one that Soo Yeon idolized before?  Writing her obituary might be a good start.

Intern of Korea

Han Jun Hyuk wrote Oh Soo Yeon's obituary in his own style and you have to watch the drama to see the response of those who have read it.  

Also, will Jisoo finally reveal her connection to Jun Hyu's past?


Episode 4 Teaser

All that and more are in store for you in this episode.  Enjoy watching~

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