SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 6 (Recap)


    'HUSH' Episode 6

 SNSD's YoonA as Lee Jisoo

"Half Seasoned, Half Fried" - That's the title of today's episode.  It's a popular option when you buy chicken in Korea but what could be the other meaning behind it?  You'll find out in this episode. 


Coming from the last episode, Jisoo finally revealed that she is the daughter of Lee Yong Min, the one who died because of Jun Hyuk's mistake six years ago.  This will be a shocking revelation for Jun Hyuk.  Will they be able to continue to work together after this?

Also in this episode, Ji Soo will have a chance to show her prowess as a reporter.  Their chief will unexpectedly like her article and it could be the first to be uploaded as the first Digital Daily Korea story. 

Jisoo will hear this good news straight from Jun Hyuk and upon their meeting, he will ask him again about her preferred job assignment.  Jun Hyuk will also take this opportunity to apologize to Jisoo about what happened to her Father.

What happened to her Father made Jisoo and her Mom stronger.  It was evident when the two went to eat at their favorite Chicken house.

The next day, after hearing the story about Jisoo's Father, Yoon Kyung then asked Jisoo to have a coffee with her.  During their conversation, Yoon Kyung revealed what happened to Jun Hyuk and his family six years ago.

Hearing this, Jisoo finally get to understand more about Han Jun Hyuk.

'No Pain no Gain' or 'Pain for Gain'

Oh Soo Yeon's death still lingers, and more story about interns being exploited by Daily Korea are coming to light.  With this, the phrase "I don't trust the Korean Press" becomes a trending topic.  In response to this, their Chief Editor released a statement but he posted it under Lee Jisoo's name. 

This will upset Jisoo that's why she went to drink with her mentor.  There, Jisoo expressed her goal to be a real reporter.  She even said that if Jun Hyuk helps her to achieve her goal, she'll call it even.

Jisoo is really burning with passion right now and in the coming episodes, we will see her progress towards her goal of becoming a reporter who can face anyone confidently.

Episode 7 Teaser

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