SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 4 (Recap)

SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 4

  'HUSH' Episode 4

 "Life is egg"

Yesterday's Mistake

On her way out from Oh Sooyeon's funeral, Lee Jisoo met her mentor, Han Jun Hyuk.  She insists that Sooyeon was murdered contrary to what the reports say that she committed suicide.  Jun Hyuk refuses to believe this and as a result, Jisoo had no choice but to reveal what he knows about what her mentor did six years ago.  Will she reveal everything?


Harsh but true, the reporters as the Daily Korea have to put their emotions aside and resume their work.  But what would be their first order from their chief?  Would it be to delete all the articles about Sooyeon or would it be the other way around?

Lee Jisoo is upset about this but this time, she has no choice but follow orders.

Han Jun Hyuk is strongly against Daily Korea exploiting Soo Yeon's death.  Lee Jisoo overhear Jun Hyuk's conversation with Kim Gi Ha.  Jisoo approaches him after Gi Ha left and said that she's glad to hear that from him and she'll look forward to how will he make up for his mistake.

Later on, Jun Hyuk was out to drink with his colleagues.  The next scene was Ji Soo seeing them and passing by the store.  This is not the first time Ji Soo see's Jun Hyuk coincidentally, was this really just a coincidence or is Ji Soo always out to monitor him?  We'll see if this is true in the coming episodes.

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