SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 5 (Recap)

 SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 5

   'HUSH' Episode 5

 SNSD's YoonA as Lee Jisoo

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."  That's the title of today's episode and if that's familiar to you, yes, it's a popular phrase in a video game.  You'll find out the connection in this episode.

 Digital News

After passing their internship, will Lee Jisoo (YoonA) and the boys get their initiation rights at Im's Snack House or will it have to wait a little longer?

Their mentor, Han Jun Hyuk, will ask them their preferred assignments but Jisoo will say that she's undecided.  That's not until she gets to talk to him alone saying she won't leave Digital News no matter what.

Jisoo then begins watching Jun Hyuk's every move at the office and when he's had enough, he will bring her to the Police station in his attempt to assign her at the City Desk section.

She will have no choice but to follow for now, and with that, her first assignment awaits!

Their Captain mentioned earlier that if Jisoo gets a drunk-driving case on her first day, she is destined to be a City Desk reporter.  Find out if it will it really happen.

As she pursue her dream of being a reporter, Lee Jisoo will learn more about the harsh reality behind their jobs, and speaking of reality, Jisoo will finally reveal that she is the daughter of Lee Young Min, the man who died because of Jun Hyuk's mistake six years ago.


Merry Christmas from YoonA and Hwang Jung Min

Episode 6 Teaser

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