SNSD Sooyoung's 'RUN ON' Episode 5 (Recap)


  'Run On' Episode 5

"Lee Young Hwa tries to compensate Dan Ah for her broken bracelet.  Mijoo translates and shares Woosik's interview online to clear Seongyeom's name." -Netflix


Sooyoung as Seo Dan Ah | Shin Se-kyung as Oh Mi-joo
Im Siwan as Ki Seon Gyeom | Kang Tae-oh as Lee Young-hwa
Will it be really over for Seon Gyeom and Mi Joo?  Will it be an opportunity for Seon Gyeom and Dan Ah to start their own love line?  We bet not but Seon Gyeom will be on the list of prospective grooms which was sent by Dan Ah's Father.  Knowing our gorgeous President, can you imagine how she will react to this?


Following their first meeting, Young Hwa will find a way to meet Dan Ah again.  Was it love at first sight or he really just wants to compensate her for the broken bracelet?  How will Dan Ah respond to this?


After that, Dan Ah will move on to her next schedule where where we will get to meet her other brother.  You'll find out right away if they have a love-hate relationship like his other brother, or is just pure hate? 

Following that, we will see Dan Ah admiring one of Young Hwa's painting at the coffee shop, and Young Hwa will see her coincidentally.  Will the two meet again?

Episode 6 Teaser 

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