SNSD Sooyoung's 'RUN ON' Episode 8 (Recap)


 'RUN ON' Episode 8

"At a movie premiere, Yeong Hwa clears up Mi Joo's misunderstanding about Seon Gyeom's night.  She goes on a business trip, leaving Seon Gyeom home alone." -Netflix


Sooyoung as Seo Dan Ah | Shin Se-kyung as Oh Mi-joo
Im Siwan as Ki Seon Gyeom | Kang Tae-oh as Lee Young-hwa

After receiving the tickets from Seon Gyeom in the previous episode, Young Hwa happily went to watch the movie hoping to see Dan Ah there.  But he was in for a surprise!

Young Hwa won't give up that easily that's why the next scene with Dan Ah would be Young Hwa messaging her, and this time, we think he finally got a bit of Dan Ah's attention.  Also, during this scene, Dan Ah was at a bar drinking by herself trying to relieve her anxieties by reading a book.


After that we'll see Dan Ah at the gym talking with Director Dong about Seon Gyeom.  Will Dan Ah take her advise to hire Seon Gyeom as their agent now that he's a retired athlete?

A few scenes later, Seon Gyeom will be at Dan Ah's agency to deliver the gifts he bought for Director Dong.  Dan Ah will come out from her office and upon seeing the two, Dan Ah will ask Seon Gyeom to marry her out of the blue.


Finally, we'll get to see Dan Ah and Young Hwa together again.  Knowing how much she loves soccer, Young Hwa will greet her by tossing the ball towards her way.  Young Hwa will also take this opportunity to confront her on why she didn't go to the movie premiere and what is her relationship with Seon Gyeom.

Young Hwa won't get his answers and the two will just end up teasing each other but can he beat Dan Ah?  See who will fall between the two - literally.


Also in this episode, we will see more about Dan Ah's trouble with her family.  She'll arrive home with her Father and Brother waiting for her, and if you remember how she hit her brother back in Episode 6, that's where their conversation will start followed by her Father pressuring her to get married.  To make things worst, Dan Ah also saw her stepmother preparing the memorial service for her mother.

Dan Ah's younger brother will also arrive home and he will try to get through to her asking why she hates him so much.

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