SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 10 (Recap)


 'HUSH' Episode 10  

 "Beef vs. Pork"

As he requested last episode, Jun Hyuk will get his meeting with their CEO.  Is it true that he will be on their side now and help them remove the "No Gain, No Pain" page?  Will he really betray Jisoo and his colleagues or is it just part of his plan?


In this episode, a scene from Sooyeon's funeral was played showing Jisoo meeting the reporter who covered the story about her Father before.  It was that moment where the said reporter also asked Jisoo about her real intention on why she joined Daily Korea.

Still shocked by Jun Hyuk's decision, his colleagues will gather up and wonder about his real intentions.

They will also learn about their company's counter measure to water down the "No Gain, No Pain" campaign, and that it was prepared by Han Jun Hyuk himself.

Later on, Jisoo will have another meeting with Reporter Ku, the reporter whom she met at Sooyeon's funeral.  Now that Jun Hyuk has "switched sides", will Jisoo be the one to give him information?

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