SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 13 (Recap)

  'HUSH' Episode 13 

 "Jajangmyeon.  Once upon a time in Korea."

Thinking that it's her responsibility, Lee Jisoo volunteers to cover the ongoing 'No Pain, No Gain' protest by part-timers and non-regular employees.

Kyungwoo joins her, but knowing that they are from Daily Korea, will the two be able get an interview with the protesters?  Along the way, Jisoo will also meet an unexpected person.

After the unsuccessful rally, the 'No Gain, No Pain' account gets deleted but just before the campaign dies, Oh Soo Yeon's younger brother came out with his press conference asking for an apology from the CEO of Daily Korea.

In response to this, Han Jun Hyuk proposed that the CEO should step down from his position as a sign of his apology.  Was this all for a show?  Who will be Daily Korea's new CEO?

Meanwhile, Hong Gyu Tae treats Jisoo and their other colleague to a sumptuous dinner.  Is this a hint on what's coming?

It was then followed by Jisoo meeting her other colleagues.  Here, she shared her guess that Daily Korea's CEO may have resigned because he is planning to run as MP (Member of Parliament) in the upcoming general election.

Their conversation will also include Jisoo and the rumors about her death.  As they speak about Han Jun Hyuk, he will arrive just in time to explain his side.

Han Jun Hyuk only came to talk to Jisoo, and during their conversation, he confirmed her guess that their CEO is indeed running for MP.  While on it, Jun Hyuk also asked her if she was the one who told Reporter Ku that Oh Soo Yeon was murdered and it wasn't a suicide.

After their late-night conversation, the two wakes up at the beach.  From there, Jun Hyuk took Jisoo at a cafe owned by her Father's friend to have Jajangmyeon for breakfast.

Just when Jun Hyuk's plans seems to be working out.  Suspicions about him as well as Jisoo being the daughter of the late Lee Yong Min will be brought up by their company.

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