SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 7 (Recap)


'HUSH' Episode 7

 SNSD's YoonA as Lee Jisoo

 "Birthday Soup for Whom" - that's the title of this episode.  What is it all about?  Let's all find out.

Sooyeon's Death

Jisoo and Jun Hyuk have reconciled?  In a way yes, Jun Hyuk will hear out Jisoo's theory about the truth behind Sooyeon's death.  He decides to write the story about it but not until they have gathered enough facts or evidence.


Before that, Jisoo who created an SNS account under the name "no gain no pain", will have to deal with the aftermath of her viral social media post.  Will she and Jun Hyuk get caught?

Speaking of getting caught,  Jun Hyuk will finally find out who used his laptop when he was gone.


Unexpectedly, their chief will cover up for them and instead of being caught, Jisoo will receive a bonus for the other article which she wrote before.



With their worries aside, will Jisoo finally have her initiation as a junior reporter at Im's snack house?


Guise as their attempt to correct their misreport before, Jun Hyuk, Jisoo and the reporters will start to re-investigate the story about MP Go.  

Where will this take them?  We will find out in the coming episodes.

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