SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 9 (Recap)

'HUSH' Episode 9

 "Eel Climbs Against Mountain"

Fish Bait

Coming from the last episode, Ji Soo and Jun Hyuk's fishing continues.  After laying the bait, will they hear or get what they want from MP Go?

After their hard work, and taking the risk of getting fired, the two definitely deserve a delicious snack and that's what they'll do in the next scene.  While eating, the two will come to realize if they really have to what they are doing just to be called real reporters.

During this scene, the two also talked about their other colleagues who will then part of a revelation later on in this episode.

As Jisoo gets closer to her goal of becoming  real reporter, her article titled "Discrimated victims, respected criminals in Korea" will be chosen as their main story.  She may even get her own section in their newspaper.

 The Pool Ball

Later in the episode, Jun Hyuk will find the missing piece of the puzzle on why Daily Korea's CEO is so eager to cover up the case regarding MP Go.  

He will then call Jisoo to meet him at his favorite hangout place.  Reminiscing his past with Jisoo's Father, Jun Hyuk will impart another lesson to his trainee.

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