SNSD Yuri' sings the OST for 'Breakup Probation: A Week'


Soon, fans will be able to watch SNSD Yuri's ''Breakup Probation: A Week' through

That will be on the first week of February but before that, SNSD's Yuri is here to treat us with their official soundtrack titled 'Time of the Time'.  Be ready to be mesmerized by her lovely voice~ 

Yuri greeting her fans


Update:  Official MV for 'Breakup Probation: A Week' OST - 'Time of the Time'

Aside from Yuri's song, they also released the MV for their other OST titled 'Shadow'.  This song was sang by SHINee's Onew. 

See more about Yuri's 'Breakup Probation, A Week' here.

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