Yuri's drama 'Bossam - Stealing Fate' will air this Spring!

Following her film titled 'Breakup Suspension', here's what's next for Kwon Yuri!

Her drama titled 'Bossam - Stealing Fate' finally got a tentative release date which is this Spring.  That would be around March to May this year so stay tuned for more updates about Yuri's upcoming drama.

Yuri will be portraying the role of Princess Soo Kyung, and you can see a glimpse of her through this next picture~

SNSD Yuri Stealing Fate

The story of 'Bossam - Stealing Fate' will revolve around a man who makes a living by "stealing" women away from their homes - a traditional, old Korean rite where hired men "steal" women away after their fathers give away their hand in marriage.

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