SNSD Sooyoung thanks fans for watching 'RUN ON'


Tonight will be the final episode of 'RUN ON'?  Surreal but yes, it is.  

We can't believe it has already been 16 episodes already and to thank her fans who have watched it from start to finish, here is SNDS's Sooyoung who expressed:

"To all of us who sometimes uselessly drew a line, crossed a line without any awareness and lived missing a lot of things to keep a line, drama ‘Run On’ made us feel a lot of things, and after having left the starting line, we are approaching the finish line.  Together with Dan Ah who had lived an unmanageable life, ‘Run On’ helped me, Sooyoungie, to grow too🏃🏻‍♀️💓Director, writer, actors and staff, thank you for allowing me to participate in this race together with you. And to the viewers who sent their love that very much crossed the line, thank you🙏Hope that you will finish in each of your own places, with my heart. -Danah"


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