SNSD Yoona's 'HUSH' Episode 16 (Recap)

    'HUSH' Episode 16 
 "Final Episode - Kimchi."

Coming from the previous episode, Jun Hyuk was caught while he was trying to divulge Daily Korea's secrets to Shilla Today.  What will be his response when their Chief tries to give him another chance.

Jisoo will try to go to Jun Hyuk but Kyu Tae will stop her.  Instead, he will reveal everything he knows to Jisoo.  He also mentioned something about Jun Hyuk changing his mind.

After their conversation, Jisoo finally met Jun Hyuk at the lobby and there she confronted him if he really changed his plan because of her and the other intern who was illegally hired to cover for Hong Kyu Tae.

Following the recent developments, and after knowing the real reason why they were hired, Jisoo decides to leave Daily Korea.  

Through her text message, Jisoo promised to make a Farewell Somaek (Soju +Beer) for everyone and thus, we see them again at their favorite resto bar named 'Booze Rock'.

Daily Korea gave Jun Hyuk another chance to atone for his mistakes by holding a press conference but knowing him, will Jun Hyuk use this opportunity to clear the name of Daily Korea or will he use it to reveal all their secrets?

It's not just Jun Hyuk though, as Jisoo and their other colleagues also did separate interviews revealing what they know about the wrongdoings of Daily Korea.

Yes, it's the first-ever group whistle-blowing and it's just the start!

Watch HUSH's episode finale to find out how their story ends or is it just the beginning?


Thank you Im YoonA for another wonderful drama!

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