Check out the witty updates of SNSD's Taeyeon


SNSD Taeyeon's Instagram account will soon hit 16 millions followers!

Yes, her account keeps growing everyday, and with that, it seems some of her new followers weren't certain if it is really Kim Taeyeon's account or not.

To answer that, Taeyeon greeted fans with her witty posts which you can see below~

"Taeyeon: It’s correct that it’s singer Taeyeon’s account^^
I’m also doing Amazing Saturday yep yep"

"Taeyeon: It’s singer Taeyeon😀😀😀"

"Taeyeon: Uploading a concert photo for no reason.."

"Taeyeon: I’m just loving Amazing Saturday so much💜"

Lastly, you can see the teasers for the upcoming episode of 'Amazing Saturday' on April 3.

  SNSD TaeYeon's Instagram Posts 

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