Teasers and trailer for SNSD YoonA's 'MIRACLE' revealed!

Just a little bit more and we will all see the fruit of SNSD YoonA's hard work!

Her movie titled 'MIRACLE' is set to be released this September, and to excite fans even more, they have now released their posters and trailer as can be seen in this post.


Official Pictures:

New Poster



Behind the Scenes

Teaser Pictures:


'Miracle' will revolve around the story of a math prodigy named Jun Kyung who lives in the roadless countryside of North Gyeongsang Province.  It is a fictional movie based on a true story.

Along with YoonA, this movie also stars Park Jung Min, Lee Sung Min, and Lee Soo Kyung.

On another note, YoonA has also been cast in a new movie titled 'Happy New Year'.

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