SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti Fan' Episode 1 Recap

 snsd sooyoung so i married the anti fan

Starring SNSD's Sooyoung, Choi Taejoon and 2PM's Chansung, the long-awaited drama 'So I Married the Anti Fan' is finally out!

In this post, we will be doing a quick recap of their first episode where we get to meet Lee Geun Young (Sooyoung) and Hoo Joon (Taejoon).

snsd sooyoung so i married the anti fan

The first episode lets us see Ho Joon, one of the biggest K-Pop star, busy with his concert as well as receiving his Daesang award.  While on the other hand, there's Geun Young, an aspiring reporter at a magazine.  She's a hard worker but it seems that her boss and her co-workers are always taking advantage of this.  As for her love life, it seems she wasn't that lucky too as she caught her lover cheating which lead to their break up.  

Fast-forward to the first meeting of our main characters:

Geun Young was assigned to cover an event where Ho Joon will also be attending.  At the venue, Geun Young was curious after seeing a car which she thought was Ho Joon's.  It was indeed Ho Joon's car and as Geun Young was trying to take a peek inside, Ho Joon suddenly went out of the car.

Geun Young was startled but thankfully, Ho Joon caught her arm before she went off balance.  That was their first meeting and Geun Young thought that he was good guy.

That's what she thought until she accidentally saw Ho Joon talking with In Hyung during the event.  It seemed that Ho Joon was acting rude against In Hyung, and at this point Ho Joon noticed Geun Young was watching them.

The misunderstanding begins as Geun Young is once again caught holding a camera.  Ho Joon thinks she is a stalker so he immediately grabbed the camera, and threw it away after taking the memory card.

Moments into their argument, Ho Joon's manager arrived and Ho Joon left without apologizing to Geun Young.  Baffled by the situation, Geun Young followed him outside to get an apology.  When Ho Joon still refused to apologize to her, that's when Geun Young stopped being patient and threw her heel towards Ho Joon.

snsd sooyoung so i married the anti fan

The said incident became a hot topic and Ho Joon used this to get Geun Young fired from her position.


That's just the start for Geun Young and Ho Joon.  Will Geun Young be able to get her job back?  Will she get her revenge on Ho Joon?  How will the two end up getting "married"?

You can watch 'So I Married the Anti Fan' here. Stay tuned for their second episode!

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