SNSD Taeyeon finally got her purple iPhone but...


During SNSD Taeyeon's most recent Instagram Live, she shared her dilemma after Apple has released a purple iPhone.

Taeyeon Purple Iphone

Knowing that it is her favorite color, Taeyeon shared, "The purple color is out. I didn't buy the iPhone 12 until now, and have been very patient about it. And all of a sudden, a purple one comes out? And it's not even a Pro, it's a mini."  She continued "If a Pro had come out, then I probably would have changed it. Why now? Let's say I had bought a different color without having waited. Then, what was I supposed to do?"

 Taeyeon Purple Iphone

Three days later, Taeyeon finally got her Purple iPhone and shared, "I know, I know ㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠ I heard 13 will have purple too but this one is already in my hands? There’s nothing I can do, hah, I’ll have to buy 13 too. Apple-ah, must be nice, you won! But is it true 13 Pro will be purple? Is it Pro for sure? Suddenly I hope it’s not Pro;"

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