SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 3 Recap

 Sooyoung 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 3 Recap

Geun Young and Hoo Joon's bickering continues but as they continue to learn about each other, who will be the first to fall... in love?  That's what we'll find out in the upcoming episodes.

 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 3 Recap


Coming from last week's episode, Geun Young who crashed into Hoo Joon's house will be caught in the act.  Hoo Joon will somehow be cool about it, and the two will end up drinking the Soju that Geun Young bought.

Maybe it was because of the Soju but the next day, Hoo Joon will find it hard to believe that he let Geun Young stay for the night.  Find out what happened during their first night together.

As they are about to start filming their show, Geun Young and Hoo Joon had a meeting with their producers.  After having their first round of drinks at a bar, they decided to go for another round.  With this, you better Get ready to witness Geun Young's legendary noraebang skills.

After singing her heart out, Geun Young coincidentally bumps into JJ/Jae Joon who was also at the establishment at that time.  The two will have a small conversation but will Hoo Joon be jealous when he sees them?  

Back to work.  It's time for Geun Young and Hoo Joon's pictorial for their show.  It will be fun but wait and see how the two will make it hard for each other.  Will we some heart fluttering moments as well?

They will also have a scene where Geun Young will be driving a car.  But did they ask if Geun Young knows how to drive?  Will the shoot go as planned?


Later on in the episode, Geun Young, who is still secretly living at Hoo Joon's house, will be locked out at the balcony because the producers didn't know she was there.  

She will try to call Ho Joon's manager for help but what will Hoo Joon do if he was the one to answer the call?

Also, watch out for their first kiss. Yes, Geun Young and Hoo Joon will have their first kiss in this episode.  Find out if it will be at:  A. at the Bath Tub,  B. at the Elevator, or C. at the Car.

The drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 6PM KST.

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