SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 10 Recap

 Sooyoung So I Married Anti Fan Episode Recaps

'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 10 Recap
"When I have someone else to protect"

Coming from Episode 9, Hoo Joon will play it safe after being asked "What if your first love comes back to find you now?".  Geun Young wouldn't be that happy with his safe answer though.

Meanwhile, they still have another problem on hand.  It's Hoo Joon's fan who is still refusing to go home until she sees her idol.  Geun Young forgot to tell him about this so he ended up coming to their place and eventually met her. During their conversation, the two also found out why she is so crazy about Hoo Joon. 

To resolve their problem, Hoo Joon and Geun Young ended up driving the fan to her hometown.  But Hoo Joon had other plans too as after that, they also visited Geun Young's parents.

Blaming Hoo Joon for what happened to Geun Young, they weren't happy to see him at first.  But eventually, they warmed up and let him stay the night.

It was also at Geun Young's house where Hoo Joon finally confessed his feelings for her.  But just when we think that everything's finally working out, another issue arises. 

In Hyung leaked Hoo Joon's upcoming song and fans are blaming Geun Young for it.  Thankfully, Hoo Joon was there to comfort her.  Don't miss out on their sweet/funny unexpected kissing scene too!

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