SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 8 Recap

     Sooyoung So I Married Anti Fan Episode Recaps

The previous episode was somehow filled with sweet moments but will it be the same with this one?

'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 8 Recap
"Things that do not fit always becomes a problem"

After running from the rain and wrapping their filming, Geun Young is left with nothing to do at their house.  She will end up checking the comments about her and she'll find out that the hate is still on-going even if it has already been week since their first episode aired.


Meanwhile, it seemed the producers of the show prepared another prank for Geun Young.  They made it look like Hoo Joon got into a traffic accident but it turned out that it was part of their birthday surprise for Geun Young.

Geun Young was really not expecting that so she was really surprised.  But wait, another surprise is waiting because the PDs also invited JJ and In Hyung to the party.  As expected, the atmosphere was awkward and eventually, it became another fuel for Geun Young and Hoo Joon's misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding wasn't that big this time as the two were able to patch it up right away.  Just as how Geun Young helped Hoo Joon patch his wounds after getting into a fist fight with JJ.

A while later, you'll see Hoo Joon frantically calling Geun Young to meet him at the parking lot.  There, he was waiting with his motorbike and just as when we were starting to think that the two are going on a date,  Hoo Joon ended up bringing Geun Young outside the game store.  It turns out that he just wanted Geun Young to help him claim the freebies for the Game that he has preordered.  (This was a fun segment as us fans can relate to this, we mean camping out to buy concert tickets, etc.)

Meanwhile, another misunderstanding came up as Hoo Joon received a tip that Geun Young was hired by a news outlet to reveal information about him.   Hoo Joon will take this badly so during their next event, he was cold to Geun Young, he even asked his manager to tell the producers that he wants to stop filming their reality show.

Also during the event, Geun Young was once again attacked by Hoo Joon's crazy fans.  Hoo Joon wanted to help her but he couldn't because of his situation.  Geun Young had no choice but to go home. But before riding her taxi, the PD also informed her that today was their last filming day as requested by Hoo Joon.  

Moments later, Hoo Joon met his reporter friend. He said that the previous information that he told him was false, and upon hearing this, Hoo Joon rushed out and went to Geun Young.  

At their house, Hoo Joon found Geun Young drinking on her own.  They tried to started talking like usual but when their conversation started to heat up, that's when Hoo Joon decided to give in and check on what is confusing him. 

What was confusing him?  Was Geun Young starting to be confused too?

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