SNSD's YoonA and Sooyoung made it into the ‘KOREAN ACTORS 200’ list!

 SNSD YoonA and Sooyoung The Actor is Present

What is 'The Actor is Present' or the 'Korean Actors 200' list?

Extremely Exquisite & Incredibly Vigorous! 

The Korean Actors 200 KOFIC campaign ‘The Actor is Present’ sees the selection of 100 men and 100 women who represent the present and the future of Korean film. Here is the actor who will impress the world.

It's a wonderful opportunity to be in the said list, and we are proud to share that SNSD's YoonA and Sooyoung are among those who have been chosen.

Let's start with their introduction for...

 Im YoonA

"She has the power of command across entertainment fields.
Her position is always at the center of the screen, too"


Among the members of K-POP girl groups, nine out of ten of them make debut dreaming of Girl’s Generation. Girls’ Generation ruled as the best girl group for the past decade with overwhelming popularity and powerful fandom. Lim Yoona is the main character responsible for the center. In other words, she is a veteran entertainer who knows what it is to dominate the stage.

The public misunderstands that Yoona of Girls’ Generation recently transferred to an actor, but in fact, she debuted as an actor first. A month before she made her debut for Girls’ Generation in 2007, she began her acting career with the TV series Two Outs In The Ninth Inning. After that, she continued her career as a member of Girls’ Generation and actor Lim Yoona at the same time.

She starred in the TV series You Are My Destiny in 2008, which reached its highest viewer rating of 43.6%, becoming a ‘national soap opera.’ The main character, who lived confidently despite the tough environment, was loved by both men and women of all ages through Lim Yoona’s unique bright energy and synergy. In general, middle-aged viewers who were not interested in idol musicians also liked Lim Yoona, who was on the stage as Girls’ Generation, saying, “She’s Saebyuk from You Are My Destiny!” Lim swept the Best New Actress at the TV broadcasting company award and in the TV category of the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards at the end of that year. She continued to play leading roles in the TV series and performed as a singer together, but it is true that the stage of Girls’ Generation was more impressive. [Please follow this link for the full write-up]


<Happy New Year> (2022)
<Confidential Assignment 2: International> (2022)
<Miracle> (2021)
<EXIT> (2019)
<Confidential Assignment> (2017)


Choi Sooyoung

"Her natural acting talent even pulls off a geek relatable.
She has opened ‘Actor's Generation’ after ‘Girl’s Generation" 


In 2002, at age 12, Choi Sooyoung debuted as a member of a Korean-Japanese multinational group called Route O Based on various experiences in the entertainment business world from early on, Choi became a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007 and made her face known. From that time on, she began her career as a singer while acting in TV sitcoms and appeared as a supporting actor in her first film, Hello, Schoolgirl in 2008. In the movie depicting a pure love story, Choi Sooyoung appeared as a friend of the main character and showed her outstanding ability as a supporting actor, bringing fun to the drama.

The Third Hospital (2012) is the first TV series where Choi took up the main character. She received good reviews for her role as a terminally ill patient. And through the TV series Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013), she completely erased the image of an idol singer and showed her down-to-earth acting, establishing a solid position as an actor. Compared to many difficulties as idol actors faced in their acting career, Choi was able to make a soft landing on the movie world because she had a long period of auditioning and dreaming of becoming an actor. To her, being an actor isn’t a mere extension of a girl group idol but a field that she pursued for a long time. In 2014, Choi Sooyoung won the MBC Acting Award and the Korea Drama Awards for her mature acting in the TV mini-series My Spring Days.

Having grown into a leading actor in TV dramas since the period, Choi showed up on the screen for the first time in 10 years. Choi appeared in Memories of a Dead End (2019), a Korean-Japanese romance movie that is an adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto’s original work. Choi also took up a supporting role in Girl Cops (2019), showcasing her impressive presence as much as the main characters. In particular, she showed her outstanding talent to pull off a unique character in the genre film. [Please follow this link for the full write-up]


<A Little Princess> (2019)
<Miss & Mrs. Cops> (2019)
<Memories of a Dead End> (2019)
<Hello, Schoolgirl> (2008)

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