Watch Jessica Jung on Park Myung Soo's show


 It's a reunion for Jessica Jung and Park Myungsoo!

If you can remember, the two collaborated for the song titled 'Naengmyeon' (Cold Noodles) back in 2012.   Watch them reminisce through Myung Soo's show titled 'Hal Myung Soo'~

During their conversation, Park Myung Soo asked Jessica, "You really hated doing 'Naengmyeon' in the past, didn't you?"  To this, Jessica answered, "When did I dislike it? You shouldn't ask like that."  He also asked if Jessica saw his mistakes, and she answered, "I saw everything from the side. On the stage, I have eyes on the back of my head. However, I was a rookie, so I had to do it exactly as it should've been."

You may also want to re-watch their 'Naengmyeon' performance below.



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