SNSD Sooyoung's 'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Episode 16 Recap [Finale]

      Sooyoung So I Married Anti Fan Episode Recaps

Indeed, time flies when we are having fun. It's already the final episode of 'So I Married the Anti-fan'!
'So I Married the Anti-Fan' Ending
"I'll stand by you until the end of time"

Continuing their sweet reunion from Episode 15, Hoo Joon will receive comforting words from Geun Young.  Hoo Joon on the other hand asked for more time and promised that he will make up to her after everything is back to normal.

It seemed Hoo Joon needed more time than expected as he left to go somewhere.  During this time, Geun Young found a new job as a reporter.  She wrote a new article titled 'Manual for Hoo Joon'  It got the attention of her boss who then advised her to become a writer instead of a reporter just like what Hoo Joon told her before.


Three months later, it's wedding time.  Not for Geun Young and Hoo Joon but for the producers of their reality show.  Hoo Joon was still nowhere to be found at first but he finally appeared, surprising everyone specially Geun Young.

Time definitely heals everything and yes, Hoo Joon is back with a new song.  Meanwhile, Geun Young is now also busy with her job as a writer.


With everything back to normal?  What's left for Hoo Joon and Geun Young to do?  A Wedding?  Watch out for Hoo Joon's sweet proposal.


Congratulations to actress Choi Sooyoung for another wonderful drama.  Waiting for this one to be released must have been hard but in the end, it was all worth it.  We look forward to your next project.  

PS: To all the readers who followed our weekly drama recaps, thank you for appreciating it.  It still lacking in many aspects but we promise to work hard and improve our next recaps.

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