SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 13 Recap

      SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode Recap

SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 13 Recap

Coming from Episode 12 where Ba Woo got shot by a rifle, you'll be glad to know that he is safe.  He only sustained minor injuries, and that's thanks to the preventive measure by the King.


Ba Woo tried to hide his injury from his family but Soo Kyeong was quick to notice it when he got home.  Soo Kyeong pretended that she doesn't know about his injury then she asked Chun Bae to take care of him instead.


Knowing that the Left State Councilor was the one behind this,  Soo Kyeong thought of a plan on how they can get their revenge.  

Their plan was to reveal the smuggling scheme of the councilor, and they baited them by ordering a lot of fabrics from Ming.  During this time, Ba Woo also met his brother-in-law.  Coincidentally, he was working for the fabric store, and he ended up helping by gathering information from the store.


The store owner took the bait, and here we saw Ba Woo showering Soo Kyeong with praises as his way of thanking him.  (Queue Sunny's OST titled 'Collar')


Meanwhile, Soo Kyeong just found out that her Mother has been sick since the news of her death. Feeling heartbroken, she immediately wrote her a letter to tell her that she is safe, and that she will survive to see her again.


On another note, it seems Soo Kyeong is one step closer to being accepted by her Mother-in-law as she volunteered to help her Sister-in-law with her lessons for conduct. 
Lastly, their mission was a success, they caught the smugglers and they even got the Chief of Police (the eldest son of the Left State Councilor) removed from his position.  Sadly, the eldest son was quick to retaliate as he ended up killing Ba Woo's brother-in-law after finding out that he was the one who snitched them.

Kwon Yuri's 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:40PM KST.

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