Check out Tiffany and SunMi's teasers for 'Girls Planet 999'

Mnet's upcoming idol survival program will be a double treat for us!

Why?  That's because it has been announced that SunMi and SNSD's Tiffany have been cast as the mentors of 'Girls Planet 999'.

Along with the two, actor Yeo Jin Goo has also been cast to host the show.  Stay tuned for more updates as the show is set to air this August.  

Meanwhile, you can also watch their clips below~

Episode 1 Teaser (Airs on August 6)

New Teaser (Eng Sub)

Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

"forever proud of what '소녀' means & honored to join as a 'K-POP MASTER / mentor' on this journey to bring new meaning & new stories to this generation alongside 99 beautiful dreamers. 💜🪐💫  Coming to you .. AUGUST ( yassss LEO season 🦁✨)"

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