SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 19 Recap

  SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 18 Recap

SNSD Yuri 'Bossam: Steal the Fate' Episode 19 Recap


Coming from the 18th episode where Princess In Hwa (Soo Kyeong) and Dae Seok tried to sneak in to the palace, and almost got caught, Da Yeob will appear to save the day once again.


More soldiers were about to come their way so they had no choice but to separate ways and escape.  In Hwa accompanied Da Yeob, who got injured, to his house.  While Da Seok and Lady Court Jo fortunately met a helping hand inside the palace.

While at Da Yeob's house, In Hwa confessed that she is now formally married with Dae Seok.  After hearing this, Da Yeob told her that she doesn't need to feel sorry as he has no more feelings for the Princess, and that he is helping her because he just wants to repay her for the bad things that his father has done.

The next day, In Hwa didn't waste any time.  She left early for the palace, and it was the same for Dae Seok who also woke up early to try and find the Princess.  Too bad, they missed meeting each other and in the end, In Hwa was captured by the guards.

Dae Seok had no other choice but to seek the King's help but while having a conversation with his majesty, In Hwa suddenly appeared together with Lady Court Kim and the Commander of the Royal Guard.  It turns out that the Commander has saved the Princess without any orders from the King.

During her stay inside the Palace, In Hwa also had the chance to meet her mother.  She happily shared the news about her wedding and she even told her how Dae Seok made a wreath out flowers instead of a bridal crown. 

In Hwa's safety didn't last that long, though, as Lady Court Kim betrayed them later on.  She told In Hwa and Da Seok that she will escort her to a safe place where only women are allowed to go but it turned out that she was only leading the Princess to Yi I Cheom/Left State Councilor.

What will be the fate of Princess In Hwa/Soo Kyeong?  Stay tuned for the final episode.

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