Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 3 (Recap)

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Let Krystal's 'Police University' life begin~

Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 3 (Recap)

Cast: Krystal as Oh Kang Hee
Cha Tae Hyun as Yoo Dong Man
Jin Young as Kang Sun Ho


Kang Sun Ho's back is against the wall as he and his squad needs to win the next drill so that he can stay in the university.  With their growing friendship, Oh Kang Hee is there to encourage him.  Sun Ho even talked about his crush but he told Kang Hee that he would only tell her who it is after they are officially admitted.


The day of the last drill came.  Because Kang Hee is not among the teams who will be competing, she was tasked to tally the points instead.  


Of course, she did not forget to cheer Sun Ho up.

Despite the outcome of the last drill, all of them still passed.  As promised, Sun Ho took this opportunity to confess to Kang Hee.


Kang Hee wasn't able to give her response to Sun Ho's confession but their University life is just getting started so be sure to stick around to find out more about their story.

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