Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 6 (Recap)

     Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 6 (Recap)

Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 6 (Recap)

Cast: Krystal as Oh Kang Hee
Cha Tae Hyun as Yoo Dong Man
Jin Young as Kang Sun Ho

It was a close call but luckily, Kang Hee and Sun Ho weren't caught by their Guidance Director.  Thanks to the help of their professor and their friends.

Remembering what happened last night, Kang Hee was shy to talk to Sun Ho but that turned to anger when Sun Ho said that he doesn't remember anything.


Just in time for their sports fest,  Kang Hee and Sun Ho were able to put aside their misunderstanding with the help of their professor.


But they almost fought again when Sun Ho said that he will take responsibility for what happened that night even though he still doesn't remember a thing.

The day of the sports fest came.  With the prize of a full weekend leave, Sun Ho is determined to win it so that Kang Hee can attend the trial of her Mother as well as to go on a date with her.

Sadly, Sun Ho and his team didn't manage to win because something came up in connection with his ongoing investigation together with Professor Yoo Dong Man.

On the other hand, it was Park Min Kyu's team who won the sports fest.  As someone who also likes Oh Kang Hee, will this be his opportunity?

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