Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 11 (Recap)

        Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 10 (Recap)

Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 11 (Recap)

Cast: Krystal as Oh Kang Hee
Cha Tae Hyun as Yoo Dong Man
Jin Young as Kang Sun Ho


 Professor Go has been caught but is he the last person that they need to arrest?

We'll find out in the remaining episodes but this still calls for a celebration that's why Kang Hee, Sun Ho and their friends went on a trip to make the most out of their vacation.


The four went to the beach but Bum Tae and Joon Wook had other plans, they left the two at the beach so that they can spend some time together.

The problem was, Kang Hee and Sun Ho didn't have their wallets with them that's why they had no choice but to call Professor Choi for help.  She immediately arrive, they had some drinks and in the end, they also called Professor Yoo to drive them home.

Just like that, their school vacation was over.  Everyone is back at the university, specially are adorable couple.

On the other hand, Min Kyu still won't give up on Kang Hee.  He gave Kang Hee a bracelet which caused a small misunderstanding between Kang Hee and Sun Ho.   Thankfully, they were able to resolve it right away.

As for Sun Ho, it seems like someone knows his identity as a hacker.  What will happen? Five more episodes to go to find out!

Episode 12 Teaser 

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