Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 12 (Recap)

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Krystal's 'Police University' Episode 12 (Recap)

Cast: Krystal as Oh Kang Hee
Cha Tae Hyun as Yoo Dong Man
Jin Young as Kang Sun Ho
Kang Hee and Sun Ho's university life continues, and this time, the Chief of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency came to their school to give a special lecture.   Was it just a pure coincidence or does he have other motives?  You'll find that out later~

At the beginning of this episode, Sun Ho was preoccupied because of the mysterious man who was blackmailing him.  Kang Hee noticed this too, that's why she made sure to cheer him up.

While trying to investigate further, Professor Yoo Dong Man suddenly got into a car accident.  It turns out it wasn't really an accident, and knowing this, Sun Ho knew he had to do something.  Kang Hee didn't ask further but she just told him to be careful and not get hurt.

Meanwhile, Professor Yoo Dong Man's surgery was successful but the one who hit him won't stop until he dies.  Thankfully, Kang Hee was there to stop him.  

Kang Hee decided to look after Professor Yoo until he wakes up, and while doing this, she was surprised when someone made an unexpected visit.  It was the Chief of Police who gave them a special lecture earlier.  Not knowing that Kang Hee was at the other room and that Professor Yoo is already awake,  he exposed himself by saying that "It'd have been easier if you just died in the accident."

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